With the recent passing of the legendary interviewer, Barbara Walters, I felt it was important to note her style of communication and interviewing.

Barbara Walters was a trailblazing journalist and television host who conducted countless interviews over the course of her storied career. Her approach to interviewing is characterized by her ability to ask tough, probing questions and to elicit candid, personal responses from her subjects. For being a professional that is paid to talk, I noticed she listened, more. That is a key to communication.

One of the keys to Walters’ success as an interviewer is her ability to establish a rapport with her subjects. She is known for her friendly, approachable demeanor, which helps to put her subjects at ease and encourages them to open up. At the same time, however, she is not afraid to ask difficult or controversial questions, and she has a talent for getting people to reveal things about themselves that they might not have otherwise shared.

Another hallmark of Walters’ interview style is her thorough preparation. She was known for doing extensive research on her subjects before conducting an interview, which allowed her to ask informed, insightful questions that probe deeper than surface level responses. She also had a knack for getting people to reveal their true feelings and motivations, often by asking them to reflect on past experiences or to share their personal beliefs and values.

In addition to her ability to ask tough questions and get personal responses, Walters was also skilled at following up and digging deeper when necessary. She had a talent for asking questions that draw out more information and for pressing her subjects for further clarification when needed.

Overall, Barbara Walters is a master interviewer and communicator, whose ability to establish a rapport with her subjects, ask tough questions, and follow up when necessary has earned her a reputation as one of the premier journalists of her generation.